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Ancestral Trail: Chauffeur-Driven Day Tour

"We come from a legacy of survival that is never to be questioned."

Getting off the well-worn tourism path is something I would always recommend to visitors, and one of the best ways to do this is by researching your Irish ancestors and finding out where they came from.  

If you do have Irish ancestry and you are hoping to visit Ireland in the near future, you should consider adding extra value to your trip by exploring your Irish roots. Visiting Ireland and creating an “ancestry” orientated itinerary brings a whole new level of connection for people visiting their Irish ancestors’ home.  

So many people yearn to discover their Irish heritage. The Ancestral Trail Chauffeur-Driven Day Tour is geared toward individuals looking to return and reconnect with the land of their family’s origin as well as enjoying the many Irish visitor experiences along the way. I've successfully reacquainted guests with long-lost relatives, found abandoned cottages where their forefathers came from or unearthed headstones with the names of lost ancestors with stories of who they were and their place in the wider community. A tour like this is the ultimate adventure, meeting characters and seeing places you'd never ever encounter on the typical tourist trail.