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Ancestral Trail Multi Day Tour

The Irish people have emigrated to the four corners of the globe. Around 80 million claim to have Irish heritage. If you are from the USA, Canada or Australia, chances are that at least one of your ancestors came from this tiny island. As a result, many come to Ireland not just for a fairytale adventure holiday but to delve into their own past. 

Unlike the Ancestral Trail Single Day Tour, the Multi-Day offers you a chance to arrange follow-up meetings with local historians, individuals with access to baptismal records or even long lost relatives after an evening of processing what you have discovered on the first day. You'll also get to visit local pubs and sights of interest giving you a greater sense of connection to the area.  

Tracing your Irish Ancestors can be a fun and exciting way to spend your time here, giving purpose and meaning to your journey. The Irish people were survivors, replete with resilience and optimism. They moved to distant lands to start new lives. What made them take this leap of faith? Where did their journey start? Do any of their descendants remain? Tracing your family history can be an extremely rewarding experience. Connecting with the land of your forefathers can bring a deep sense of belonging. A journey into the past will create everlasting memories for your entire family.  

A Northwest Sherpa Ancestral Trail Tour can assist in organizing your Irish journey of discovery and guide you when exploring the home of your ancestors. Visit the very place where your ancestors lived in the early years of their lives. Explore the land they loved so much but had to leave behind. Talk to the people who still live here and listen to their stories. You might even connect with members of your extended family. This experience will give you a vivid picture of your past. You’ll soon feel at home in Ireland, just like your ancestors did.